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March 15th, 2017 by Carol Grever

A Welcome from Carol Grever

Straight Spouse Connection emerged in 2008 to explore topics relevant to straight spouses--heterosexual people in mixed-orientation relationships. That clear purpose, to connect, comfort, and inform, remains, nearly a decade later. Now the blog has a fresh start and a new look, integrated into a single site with all of my books and other related work. Articles transferred from the original site are updated to provide ongoing support for people currently in these mixed relationships. Diverse subjects present opportunity to join online conversations with other readers through comments at the end of each post.

When gay marriage was legalized in the United States in June, 2015, many assumed that the incidence of gay-straight partnerships would decline in this country. Apparently, that assumption was wrong. Because of complex societal views, professional/economic necessity, and enduring religious, family, and professional pressures, this has not been the case. Prejudice against homosexuality still pushes gays to marry straights in every part of the world. Internet readers in different cultures have widely varied political and religious expectations, but human needs and heartbreak are universal.

Eventually, most mixed partnerships fail and the straight mate is the casualty. This website is intended for those aggrieved spouses. It is a practical resource for families who find themselves mired in this painful situation. The need for such information remains. With over 123,000 hits, the site’s readership continues to grow.

Because so much of my published work relates to the straight spouse experience, it seemed logical to join my two websites for increased synergy. The original blog is now available using either URL— or The blog is found under its separate tab on the Carol Grever site. Please scan the article titles and browse the content. Also feel free to contact me through the site. May my work be useful to you.

Carol Grever